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Ohr Pharmaceutical (OTC BB: OHRP) Data Review Supports Strong Potential of EVIZON(TM) for Wet AMD

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DOVER, DE -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 11/23/09 -- As part of its drug pipeline Ohr Pharmaceutical (OTCBB: OHRP) is developing a wet AMD (Macular Degeneration) therapy, based on technology acquired from Genaera Liquidating Trust. This novel therapeutic agent (EVIZON(TM)) has demonstrated the improvement or stabilization in vision in more than 100 subjects with wet AMD. Patients (wet AMD subjects) treated with at least 40 mg/m2 of EVIZON™ in phase 1 and 2 studies demonstrated early signs of a biological effect: 18% had three lines or greater improvement in visual acuity 4 months after they had completed therapy and another 72% had stable vision. Throughout its clinical development, the drug was well tolerated, with no drug-related serious adverse events occurring in patients involved in this trial.

EVIZON(TM) (Squalamine for wet AMD) is a systemic anti-angiogenic therapy with a novel mechanism of action which avoids the cardiovascular and ophthalmic side effects associated with intraocular injections of anti-VEGF antibodies. As evidence of this advantage, there were no clinically significant increases in systolic or diastolic blood pressure in clinical studies of 124 wet AMD subjects receiving EVIZON™ in Phase 2 clinical trials.

Wet AMD is the leading cause of legal blindness among adults age 50 or older in the Western world. Age-related macular degeneration is a progressive disease which is characterized the early stage "dry" form and the more severe "wet" form. Wet AMD is caused by the growth of abnormal blood vessels, or choroidal neovascularization, under the central part of the retina, the macula. Although the wet form of AMD accounts for only 10% to 15% of all AMD, it is responsible for 90% of severe vision loss associated with AMD. Approximately 500,000 new cases of wet AMD are diagnosed annually worldwide. In North America alone, approximately 200,000 new cases of wet AMD are diagnosed each year.

Recognizing the significant therapeutic potential of EVIZON(TM), Ohr Pharmaceutical is developing a promising novel formulation to enhance its bioavailability while maintaining its excellent safety profile.

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Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc. (www.ohrpharmaceutical.com) (OTCBB: OHRP) is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of first in class drugs for underserved therapeutic needs. Ohr is focused on the development of two drugs, OHR/AVR118 for the treatment of Cachexia and EVIZON™ for the treatment of wet-AMD.

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